Our Story

‘For Us, It’s About Something More Than Just Money’

We’re Here To Serve You…
And We Thank You For Supporting Our Small Business That Creates Good Local Jobs.

Hi Fellow Denver Area Homeowners, this is Brandon Mackie. My wife Jamie & I are owners of CreteJack, a foam concrete leveling company.

Before you decide to give us a call, you probably want to know what kind of company you are dealing with and if you can trust us to deliver what we promise.

Why We’re Different

To understand why we do business like we do, here’s a little history behind our philosophy:

I previously owned and operated a window replacement company in Denver. I’m happy to say it was a success and I eventually sold it to a new owner, but that’s not why I’m telling you this.

What’s important is the lesson I learned from my previous home service business: if you treat homeowners with respect, don’t pressure them, and do what you promise… people LOVE it and they will do business with you and tell others about their experience.

When it was time to start CreteJack, I was 100% sure that I wanted to stay true to those principles.

That’s Why Our Team Promises:

  • To never use sales pressure
  • To give you an iron-clad quote that will not go up even if we have to use more materials than we anticipated. No hidden fees or pricing games.
  • To never ask for ANY money until the job is done – and done right.

Deeper Reasons Than Money Behind The CreteJack Story

Everyone knows a business needs to turn a reasonable profit, or you’ll soon be out of business.

But that doesn’t mean ‘bottom-line’ thinking has to squeeze out all other motivations.

Here’s what gets us out of bed in the morning at CreteJack:

  • We love what we do – this method of concrete leveling is a terrific solution and fun to do.
  • We love being a growing company that creates local jobs and helps our staff support their families.

How Our Journey Started

The path to founding CreteJack had an unusual start: I saw a TV program showing how foam-leveling concrete worked. I was hooked because I have a curious mind, especially when I see someone has “built a better mousetrap.”

So, I started doing some research. I really liked watching the foam-leveling in action; I liked how fast it solved a problem; and I loved that it typically cost about half replacing concrete.

But I was worried. Was this some kind of unproven gimmick?

What I found out was this is actually a solution that has been used commercially for more than a decade and is completely reliable.

That got me excited to be part of a growing number of companies across the U.S. giving residential homeowners access to foam-leveling concrete.

But the motivation for Jamie and I goes deeper than offering a great, affordable solution to Denver homeowners.

We’re family-oriented people, and we run our business by treating our team and customers like family. As our team continues to grow, we enjoy being able to create good jobs for local people. Those jobs support families. Knowing we are helping our team support their families is why we really love running a business.

So, we want to say to our customers: THANK YOU for helping us support our family and our team’s families.

To meet ‘Our Team,’ visit this page.