About Us

CreteJack: The Unique Solution To
Common Concrete Problems.

We’re Denver’s Fast & Affordable Concrete Leveling Company.
Sunken, Uneven Or Broken Concrete Fixed Using Innovative Foam Solution.

Hello Denver Area Homeowner… Thanks for wanting to learn more ‘About Us’ and what makes CreteJack the stress-free way to get your concrete fixed.

‘About Us’ In 3 Key Bullet Points:

  • If You Choose Our Unique Foam Leveling Method, You’ll Save 50% Or More When Compared To Replacing The Concrete.
  • Our Solution Is Priced About The Same As “Mudjacking” Solutions, But Has Some Significant Advantages.
  • We’re A Very ‘People-Oriented’ Company. We Don’t Use Sales Pressure, We Never Play Pricing Games, And Our Quotes Are Guaranteed To Be 100% Accurate. And You Don’t Pay Anything – Not Even A Deposit – Until The Job Is Done.

More About Us

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