1How long before I can use my concrete?
For most projects, you can use the surface again as soon as we are done.
2Can you level concrete in the winter?
The foam that we inject under the concrete needs to be a certain temperature to react properly. If the ground is frozen we will have to wait until the weather warms up. But even if it’s cold, give us call and we’ll get you scheduled.
3How long will my project take?
Most projects only take 1-2 hours, but it depends on the extent of your job.
4What are my payment options?
Cash, check, all credit cards. Please call or email for details.
5How much of a deposit do you require?
$0.00! We would never ask for payment on services not rendered. This ensures that you’ll be receiving the highest service, the best product, professional service and that the price won’t change in the middle of the project.
6Will the price change in the middle of the project?
Nope! If we run into something unexpected, it’s on us. You shouldn’t have to worry that the price will go up. Our quote is our promise.
7Is there a warranty?
We have a 1-year warranty on our concrete leveling and concrete repair, as well as other services.
8I’ve heard about mudjacking as a solution – is this the same thing?

There are some similarities with mudjacking, but foam is a superior solution. Both mudjacking and foam concrete leveling avoid having to do a full tear out and replacement of the concrete. But mudjacking requires about a 2” hole to inject the material, vs. a 5/8” hole for foam. Concrete patches for the smaller holes blend in and disappear much quicker with foam solution.

There are additional advantages with foam. Visit our Better Solutions page to learn more.

9How much can I save with foam leveling compared to removal and replacement?
It can vary, but typically it is at least 50% less to solve your problem with foam concrete leveling. For some projects, the savings is even greater. For example, we’ve done driveway fixes that save the homeowner 70% to 80%. See our Lower Cost page for more information.
10Foam-leveling concrete sounds interesting, but I’m still not sure I can visualize how foam can fix uneven concrete. Can I see how it works first?
Yes! We agree that the best way to understand it is to see it in action. Go here to see videos of foam concrete leveling. (Besides showing you the process, they’re kind of fun to watch, too!).