How The Foam Is Made

Why Foam Is An Ideal Material For Concrete Leveling

Foam Has Unique Advantages That Make It A Smart Choice For Denver Homeowners

If you’re thinking that foam sounds like an unusual way to raise concrete, we understand it might sound strange at first. But we can assure you it’s been used commercially for more than a decade with great success. Here are four reasons polyurethane foam is uniquely suited for fixing sunken concrete.

#1 Fast To Use, Fast To Cure

Compared to mudjacking or concrete replacement, using foam is faster, easier, and less invasive. Even better, it begins to harden in minutes. It can reach 90% of its final rigidity and strength in less than a half-hour. This means in most cases you can begin to use the area immediately after we’re finished.

#2 Better At Lifting

This foam is manufactured to provide tremendous lifting force. This is why foam is used commercially – it can lift huge amounts of concrete. Foam can easily lift sunken driveway sections and handle other residential jobs – both large and small.

#3 Very Strong For Its Weight

Even though it’s got great lifting strength and remains hard and rigid after application, foam is a relatively light material. Compared to “heavier” solutions like mudjacking, it puts less stress and weight on the soil underneath.

#4 Stable

Once cured, this material is super strong and rigid. It won’t absorb water and it won’t change dimensionally. It’s also stable in the sense that it is completely inert and won’t bleed chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Polyurethane foam is a great material for concrete leveling – the fast and more affordable solution for Denver area homeowners.