You Pay When The Job Is Done – AND DONE RIGHT.

Don’t Give Us A Dime Until You’re Satisfied.

Homeowners rightfully get a little anxious about turning over their hard-earned money to home improvement contractors before any work is started.

Most of us have heard – and some have even experienced – a home improvement contractor story that turned into a nightmare. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a ‘fly-by-night’ contractor will walk off with your deposit.

More common is less than satisfactory work that you’ve already paid for. That puts the homeowner at an unfair disadvantage.

So here’s what we do at CreteJack. We don’t take ANY payment of any kind up front. No deposit, no fees, no anything.

We present the invoice when the job is done – and done right. It’s a strong incentive for us to maintain our high standards and it’s your assurance that you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

There’s no-risk with CreteJack; schedule your free consultation now.