Concrete Damage & Hazards

It’s Not Worth The Risk.

Get Concrete Damage Fixed Quickly To Avoid Injury And Liability.

Denver homeowners need to be careful with sunken, uneven, or cracked concrete. The risk is not just injury to a family member or guest, it’s also the liability in the case of a trip-and-fall injury.

Sometimes homeowners get lulled into thinking that concrete problems are “cosmetic” issues only. But it’s not just ugly, it’s a tripping hazard.

Another danger of uneven concrete is water pooling in areas it shouldn’t. Not only can this turn into an injury hazard – particularly if it gets icy – but the area can suffer damage from long-term exposure to moisture.

Compared with the costs of injury, liability, and long-term damage, a quick and affordable solution is the risk-free alternative.

Major Problems Foam Concrete Leveling Can Solve For Denver Homeowners

  • Tripping and injury hazards from uneven surface
  • Higher liability risk from ignoring a hazardous situation
  • Damage from drainage problems
  • Issues from runoff, including pooling water that can freeze over

Other Problems Foam Concrete Leveling Can Solve For Denver Homeowners

  • Concrete looking ugly or embarrassing detracting from your property’s appearance
  • Makes trimming, edging, mowing, shoveling and using snow blowers more challenging

The bottom line is this: getting your concrete back to level is an affordable, fast repair that can save you from a potential nightmare scenario of injury and liability.