Time to Repair Your Driveway? Signs to Look For and How to Do So

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Driveway maintenance is an important part of any annual home care. From applying sealant to ensuring the right steps are taken during the winter months, proper concrete care can easily prolong the life of your concrete driveway for years. However, the time will come when the concrete is showing enoughwear and tear, and it will need to be repaired. It can be difficult, however, to determine when the right time is to schedule a repair, and how exactly to go about accomplishing this project. Using the wrong method, or repairing your driveway too soon, can be a waste of money. By looking for these signs, you will be able tell when your driveway needs to be repaired. And our polyurethane foam-lifting method is the right one for you.

Signs Your Concrete Should Be Repaired

Uneven concrete that is sunken in places most likely needs to be repaired. Some specific aspects to look into are the existence of potholes (large or small) and the edges of the driveway. The edges are the most susceptible to breaking and other damage, especially if your driveway has had larger, heavier vehicles on it. Should these edges look worn or as if smaller pieces have separated from it, a repair might be in order.

Additionally, you should take a look at water runoff during a storm. Part of what makes a driveway sink, is uneven or weak soil underneath the concrete itself. Water pooling in one particular place is usually a sign that the ground is uneven, and should be addressed sooner rather than later. Water is one of the most dangerous substances to have pooling in areas. Not only can it wear away at the concrete, it can also lead to insects and other plant-life forming where it shouldn’t. Water could also be running toward your house, instead of away from it, after a storm or when snow and ice are melting. This can lead to water damage to your house in general, which can be very costly, and should be avoided.

How to Fix It

If any of the signs listed above are familiar to you and can be said to describe your home’s driveway, it is probably time to consider a concrete repair. While there are a few different ways to go about repairing your sunken or uneven concrete, there is no better process than foam lifting. It is a quick and easy process, with a repair job usually lasting only a few hours, if that. It is incredibly unobtrusive, and you don’t even have to be home for the process, as our skilled technicians document the repair job the whole way. No work needs to be missed! Furthermore, the foam cures in less than 30 minutes, meaning your driveway can be used the day of the repair. Other repair methods, like mudjacking, suggest that you wait at least a day or two before using your driveway again, which can be a hassle. With foam-lifting, you never have to worry about when to schedule your appointment, and if it will fit in with your busy life!

Ready to Begin

Should you feel like it’s time for your driveway to be repaired, we would be happy to speak to you more about foam-lifting and why it’s the ideal concrete repair method. We can be contacted for an estimate on the cost of the job, or just to provide you more information about the process in general. Please feel free to reach out to us by either filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (303) 883 – 3322 to get started today!

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