Concrete Leveling In Highlands Ranch That’s PERMANENT & Half The Price Of Replacement 

Mudjacking Breaks Down Quickly. Replacement Costs An Arm & A Leg.

Here Is Why Foam Leveling Is The Lifetime-Lasting Solution Highlands Ranch Homeowners Now Turn To.

Have uneven concrete in Highlands Ranch? If so, you have two options to fix the problem: 1) concrete leveling and 2) concrete replacement.

Concrete replacement will solve your uneven concrete problem for good—but it could “break the bank” in the process. Concrete replacement can be very expensive, as it requires many labor hours and materials to complete.

What’s more, the new concrete also requires a good deal of downtime. Don’t expect to drive on new concrete for at least 10 days.

A less-expensive alternative to sunken concrete is concrete leveling. In the past, this was usually done with mudjacking, which is when a liquid-grout slurry mixture is injected under the concrete to level it.

Mudjacking is only about half the price of concrete replacement, but it is NOT a long-term solution. The average mudjacking job starts breaking down in five to seven years. This means you’ll have to pay all over again to fix your uneven concrete. Not optimal.

Another problem with mudjacking? It requires drilling a lot of holes in your concrete, each about 2” in diameter. When these holes are patched, they stick out like a sore thumb. While “beautiful” may not be the first word to typically describe concrete, you still want your driveway/walkway/porch to look as nice as possible, right?

So… is there a long-term and affordable concrete-leveling solution in Highlands Ranch?


It’s called foam leveling.

Foam leveling is permanent and costs only about 50% of concrete replacement.

Here is how foam leveling works…

A special polyurethane foam is injected under your sunken concrete. The foam then expands to lift the concrete and make it level. Unlike mudjacking—which requires a few days to cure—foam leveling materials cure in as little as 15 minutes. This means no downtime for the project area. 

Another advantage of foam leveling is that it requires fewer holes, which are only around 5/8” in diameter. This allows for virtually invisible patch jobs and leaves your newly level concrete looking great. 

At CreteJack, we specialize in foam leveling because it provides our customers with a LIFETIME solution that is affordable. It’s easily the most convenient, cost-effective way to fix sunken concrete, which is why homeowners are overwhelmingly choosing it over mudjacking and replacement. 

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