Concrete Leveling In Westminster That Lasts For Life & Costs 50% Of Replacement

Here’s Why Foam Leveling Is The Solution Homeowners Now Overwhelmingly Prefer

If you have sunken concrete in Westminster, you have two primary options: concrete leveling and concrete replacement. 

Let’s first talk about concrete replacement. It’s definitely a long-term solution… but it’s also hard on the wallet. Concrete replacement can get extremely expensive, since it requires so much work and so many materials. It also requires a lot of downtime, leaving you unable to use the project area for long periods after the work is done. 

The alternative to concrete replacement in Westminster is concrete leveling. When most people think about concrete leveling, mudjacking comes to mind. This is when a liquid-grout slurry mixture is pumped under the uneven concrete to make it level.

Mudjacking is substantially cheaper than concrete replacement—typically around 50% of the cost. The problem is that mudjacking is NOT a permanent solution. Industry statistics show that the normal mudjacking job starts to break down in as little as five years. So even though you got away with paying a low price initially, you have to pay to fix the problem all over again within a decade. This can end up costing you MORE than full-blown replacement!

What’s more, mudjacking involves drilling numerous holes in your concrete about 2” in diameter. This makes for ugly, noticeable patch jobs once the work is done. Mudjacking also requires a few days to cure, leaving the project area unusable in that time.

The question, then: Is there a PERMANENT and COST-EFFECTIVE concrete-leveling solution in Westminster?

Answer: Yes!

It’s called foam leveling.

Foam leveling lasts for life and is only about half the price of concrete replacement.

Here’s how it works…

A heavy-duty, environmentally friendly polyurethane foam is injected beneath your uneven concrete. This foam expands once it’s under the concrete, lifting the concrete and making it level. The foam cures in as little as 15 minutes, so you can use the concrete almost immediately after the project.

With foam leveling, fewer and smaller holes (only about 5/8” in diameter) are needed. This makes for virtually unnoticeable patchwork after the job is complete. 

Here at CreteJack, we offer superior-quality foam leveling because it’s hands down the best solution for practically all homeowners with uneven concrete. It’s MUCH more affordable than replacement, and it will NEVER deteriorate like mudjacking.

To find out more about our foam concrete-leveling for Westminster, check out these pages…

Contact us today for a free quote on foam concrete leveling in Westminster. We’ll assess your concrete, provide our expert (and pressure-free!) recommendation, and then give you a firm and fair price. We’ll then step back and let YOU decide how to proceed. 

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“CreteJack came out and lifted my driveway after many years of us using a board to get our vehicles into the garage. They were very professional and experienced with any questions we had. We chose the method of foam jacking over mudjacking because of the weight and the greater advantages in the long run. We highly recommend this company to anyone looking to fix there settled concrete.” - Chris L.

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