Mudjacking Is Cheap, But It’s Temporary & Breaks Down. 

Foam Leveling Is PERMANENT & Provides True Value For Your Money.

 Got some sunken concrete in the Parker area? If so, you’re probably considering either concrete replacement or concrete leveling. And if it’s the latter, you probably think your only option is mudjacking, which involves pumping a slurry mixture under your concrete.

But there’s another option… one that costs 50% less than concrete replacement and lasts MUCH longer than concrete leveling via mudjacking. It’s called foam leveling, and it’s a permanent concrete-leveling solution that won’t break the bank.

Let’s look at how foam leveling stacks up to concrete replacement and mudjacking…

Foam Concrete Leveling vs. Concrete Replacement

Concrete replacement in Parker can be very expensive. It also takes a long time to complete and dry.

Foam leveling, on the other hand, has a price tag that will run you about half that of replacement. When thousands of dollars are involved, that’s a huge amount of money. What’s more, foam leveling is a permanent solution that cures within 15 minutes of application. There is ZERO down time after foam leveling is completed.

Foam Leveling vs. Mudjacking…

Mudjacking (also called slab jacking and grout pumping) is roughly the same price as foam leveling. But in terms of VALUE for your dollar, it’s nowhere near the quality of foam leveling.

Mudjacking uses a slurry mixture that typically lasts five to seven years. After that, it breaks down and your concrete begins to sink again. This means you actually end up paying MORE for mudjacking in the long run, since you have to pay AGAIN to fix your sunken concrete. Mudjacking also requires the contractor to drill a large number of holes, each a couple inches in diameter. This can make for noticeable patch jobs once the work is done.

The special environmentally-safe foam used in foam leveling is injected into few and much smaller holes. The foam expands once it’s underneath the concrete and will NOT deteriorate. It’s a lifetime solution that costs about half that of replacement. In other words—the best of both worlds.

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Andrew and his team of dedicated professionals know how to lift and level concrete right! They are easy to work with and get the job done right the first time. If you need some slab jacking around your home or business please check this company out. It is a pleasure working with them.”  - Josh C. in Denver, CO

“CreteJack came out and lifted my driveway after many years of using a board to get our vehicles into the garage. They were very professional and experienced with any questions we had. We chose the method of foam jacking over mudjacking because of the weight and the greater advantages in the long run. We highly recommend this company to anyone looking to fix their settled concrete.” - Chris L. in Denver, CO

“CreteJack was quick and informative and did a great job! We had a 3" sagging sidewalk for years that would always create a big puddle of water in the winter and ice over, and it's finally level now. The way they do it with the foam is so cool.”- H.J in Denver, CO

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