When It Comes To Fixing Your Concrete, You’ve Got Multiple Options.

But Only One Is The Clear-Cut Winner If You Want A PERMANENT Fix For True Value.

If you have sunken concrete in Englewood, you have two choices: 1) concrete replacement and 2) concrete leveling.

Concrete replacement is just that—replacing bad concrete. Between concrete replacement and concrete leveling,concrete replacement is more expensive by far. It will also require more downtime, since the old concrete must be removed before the new concrete can be poured and cure.

Concrete leveling is less expensive and doesn’t require as much downtime. There are, however, two types of concrete leveling in Englewood… and they each differ wildly in quality.

The first concrete-leveling option is called mudjacking (also known as slab jacking or grout pumping). A liquid grout slurry mixture—usually dirt, cement, and sand—is pumped under the sunken concrete, which pushes up the concrete with hydraulic pressure.

Mudjacking is about half the cost of concrete replacement—sometimes even cheaper—but it has drawbacks.

First, mudjacking requires drilling numerous holes about 2” each into the concrete. The amount and size of the holes can make patch jobs stick out like a sore thumb.

Second, you’re looking at 1 to 2 days of downtime after the job. That’s much quicker than concrete replacement, but it can still be very inconvenient if you typically use the project area on a regular basis.

Finally—and most importantly—mudjacking is NOT a permanent solution. It typically lasts 5 to 7 years. After that, the slurry mixture starts to lose its integrity, so your concrete starts to sink again. Then you’re back at square one!

This is why many Englewood homeowners are turning to foam leveling for their sunken concrete. Foam leveling is about the same price as mudjacking, but it cures more quickly, requires fewer holes, and lasts for LIFE.

With foam leveling, the contractor drills small holes about 5/8” in diameter. There are far fewer holes with foam leveling, and the small size of the holes means all but invisible patch jobs. The high-density foam is injected under the concrete and then expands to lift the concrete.

Foam leveling requires the least amount of downtime. Once the foam is injected, it literally takes only about 15 minutes before it fully expands. After that, you’re free to use the concrete immediately.

Best of all, the foam NEVER loses its density. Unlike mudjacking, foam leveling IS a permanent solution. This means you reap the same benefits as concrete replacement (a lifetime solution)… for only about 50% of the cost.

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What Our Customers Say…

“My driveway had sunk a couple inches, and Andrew with CreteJack was able to make it level again. I definitely recommend the poly foam he uses over mud jacking. I've seen my neighbor’s horror story with mud jacking their front porch—it left eyesore holes and ended up sinking again. I don't have to worry about pulling in and out of my driveway anymore.” - Lindsey B.

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