Foam Concrete Leveling is the New Mud Jacking

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July 13, 2018
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Foam Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling has been around for a long time. As long as concrete slabs have been used in construction, there has been an industry for fixing it when it gets broken. When techniques have been used for awhile, it takes time for a new one to get accepted. But there is a new technique out there: foam concrete leveling. And it’s better for your Denver home or business for many reasons.

The traditional ways of leveling concrete come with many detriments. They don’t last for a long time; sometimes the repairs can only work for a year or two before having to be repeated. These traditional techniques also take a long time to settle, keeping you from enjoying the repaired area. These issues are no longer a problem with our foam concrete leveling solution.

Less Intrusive

Unlike traditional mud- or slab-jacking, our foam leveling system only requires small injection sites for the foam. This is because the foam expands rapidly upon injection, meaning a large area of concrete can be lifted from just a small injection site.

This technique is also less intrusive on your life, as it begins to harden and become rigid within minutes of its injection. Furthermore, it cures to 90% of its final hardness within 30 minutes of injection. This means that you can begin to use the space almost immediately after the leveling job is complete. Older techniques that used traditional grout to lift the concrete slab took days to harden. This repair will allow you to get back to your daily life with little to no impact.

Better and Stronger

Even though the foam is a much lighter material than the others used previously, it is just as strong, if not stronger. A small amount of foam can lift large amounts of concrete. This is why foam is trusted commercially. It is not only perfect for commercial use, however. It is perfect for any residential job, no matter the size.

The foam material is just as strong as any other material that is used when lifting concrete. What makes it better, however, is that is it also incredibly light, which means it puts less stress on the soil underneath the concrete. Most concrete needs to be leveled because part of it has sunk into the ground, causing it to crack or tilt. This usually occurs when the soil underneath the concrete slab starts to give away after years of pressure. As our foam is relatively lighter than other leveling materials, the soil will last longer underneath this material and not give away as easily. More stable soil means fewer repair jobs needed by you!


Our foam is inert, which means that it won’t react with any elements that may be present in Denver’s soil. A lack of reaction protects the environment, as no chemicals will bleed into the surrounding ground. The foam also is completely solid. It will not absorb any water and therefore won’t change shape, protecting the repair job from degradation.

Getting Ahead

As you can see, foam concrete leveling is the future. It is much better for you as a consumer, and for the environment. If you want to be a part of the future of concrete leveling, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (303) 883-3322 today!

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