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July 19, 2019
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Trip hazards are a commonly ignored danger, especially when it comes to sidewalks and broken concrete. We’ve all had to deal with those busted off, uneven sidewalks. Sometimes it’s in our neighborhood or along the road, and other places it’s at official commercial buildings. No matter where you encounter uneven sidewalk, you’re putting yourself in danger, and so is the owner of the concrete that is breaking.

There are many ways uneven concrete can become dangerous quickly, but here are the top 4 reasons it’s important to keep sidewalks even, and repair damages immediately. Concrete leveling in Denver is a very important, much needed service that can help prevent these 4 dangers, and more, for becoming reality.

The 4 Top Dangers Of Uneven Concrete

1. Bodily Harm

Obviously, the biggest danger is what the results of a fall could do to a person. With uneven sidewalks, it’s easier to trip and stumble, especially if it’s a crowded walkway or if the pedestrian is distracted. Falling on uneven concrete when close to a road is very dangerous, as you could stumble or roll accidentally into the street and into on-coming traffic.

Beyond that scary threat, broken bones, concussions, scrapes, and bruises along with cuts that could cause infection or a few more of the possible injuries that could be sustained during a fall due to uneven concrete.

2. Lawsuits

Someone, somewhere, is the technical legal owner of the ground where the uneven concrete is sitting. A property manager or owner may be held accountable for any injuries that occur on their damaged sidewalk, or direct businesses may be at fault for the negligence of ensuring the concrete’s upkeep.

If someone gets injured due to an uneven sidewalk, whoever is most easily found responsibility could be held for liability and sued in court for a wrongful injury claim. These court cases are long, expensive, and can be the ruin for many smaller businesses, so it’s best to avoid drama and just repair the concrete quickly.

3. Lost Value

Good luck trying to rent or sell office or residential space if the concrete out front is uneven and damaged! Broken sidewalks just look dangerous, and no one wants to walk across uneven ground. By having your location tarnished with the uneven cement, you could be losing value in the place you have on the real estate market, and get way less money for their lease than you would with repaired concrete.

4. Encourages Weed Growth

Weed whacking is fun… For about 5 minutes. A lot of uneven sidewalks may be the result of a large tree root, excessive plant growth under the concrete, or just poor placement or maintenance. Either way, those broken spots in the concrete allow for plenty of pesky weeds or small plants to spring up. As the roots spread, the concrete will crumble and get damaged more quickly than before, and give you a bigger problem than what you started with. Now, you’re looking at repairs and concrete leveling and a weed treatment.

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