What Kinds of Damage Can Be Repaired With Foam Jacking?

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May 16, 2019
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June 14, 2019
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You know what foam jacking is. You know how it’s done. But is it the right choice for you? Have you evaluated your home thoroughly to see if there’s a need for concrete lifting foam? And if you have, are you wondering whether concrete lifting foam is a viable solution for the problem or problems you’ve noticed?

The good news is that there are many situations in which foam jacking is a perfectly good way to improve your concrete. It’s very likely that this easy, non invasive technique will be able to help you. But there are also a few scenarios in which foam jacking won’t do you any good, and you might have to resort to a more invasive and costly repair method.

When Can Foam Jacking Be Used?

Foam jacking is a good option for most repairs. If the damage to your concrete is due to settling, for example, you are a great candidate for concrete lifting foam. Settled concrete often occurs when concrete slabs are constructed on expansive or compacted soils. As the soil settles, the concrete will sink, leading eventually to cracks and uneven areas. Although many things can happen to damage your concrete slab, settling is a primary cause that affects many people, and it is nearly always the precursor to a good opportunity to put foam jacking to work.

Pay attention to the conditions around your home. Here are some other signs that you might be a good candidate for foam jacking:

  • Sunken, uneven, or cracked concrete
  • Low areas, often indicated by pooling water
  • Water flowing toward your home rather than draining away
  • Tripping hazards in your concrete
  • The feeling that your slab is rocking or vibrating back and forth
  • A bump in the slab as you drive over it

When is Foam Jacking Not The Answer?

In days past it would have been the case that there were some instances in which foam jacking was not the right solution. These generally had to do with damaged foundations. But thanks to modern technology, that’s starting to change. If the foundation of your home has been damaged, we may soon be able to elevate even that with the use of concrete lifting foam. Make sure you ask your contractor or structural engineer if foam jacking is a reliable means of support for the weight of a structure such as a home before beginning the project.

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